PT Ultradian

PT Ultradian: New uniwidth sans serif font family by Paavola Type Studio.

An uniwidth (also known as equal-width, multiplexed or duplexed) typeface is one in which each of its weights has the same metrics (size of each letter). As a result, changing the font used, such as using ExtraLight or Black, does not change the layout.

PT Ultradian has tall x-height, six weights + italics, ligatures, stylistic alternates, proportional and tabular figures.

A uniwidth typeface, also known as an equal-width, duplexed, or multiplexed typeface, is a typeface where every font variation has the same metrics (width of letter plus left and right sidebearings). As a result, changing the variation used, such as using bold or italics, does not change the layout (reflow).

X-height refers to the height of the lowercase x for a typeface, and it indicates how tall or short each glyph in a typeface will be. Typefaces with tall x-heights have better legibility at small font sizes, as the white space within each letter is more legible.